49th Parallel, and South

Customs Patrol

There are plenty of reasons to head south of the border. Next year there is even a better reason. BC is co-hosting the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous, for the first time ever. We would love to see as many as our friends from the Great White North manage to make the trip to Winchester Idaho. It doesn't need to be too difficult, with a little planning, and a little information, we could have the largest turn out of Canucks ever.

So, I Want To Head South of the Border

Depends on your province. If you live in a province that has an enhanced drivers license, you may use that to cross the border by car. Go to your provincial service bureau and apply for one. Currently as far as I can find BC does have them, Alberta does not, neither does Saskatchewan. The other option is a Canadian passport, you can obtain the paperwork to get one here, Passport Canada Give yourself a minimum of 6 weeks before you leave preferably 12, to get your application in and back, just in case. There are options to get it faster but it is more expensive. This is even more important if it is your first time.
Even if you have a passport from Canada, the USA can deny you entry for any blip on your record if in doubt check before you leave the house. Here is a webpage that will give you some guidance, as to what you made need to know before you arrive at the border.
Yes. Here is a link to a webpage that details everything you'll need to do, before you get to the border. Please note, most rendezvous have strict leash rules, please ensure your fur friend really is rendezvous acclimatized before you bring them south.
There are a couple of things to consider when you are planning to bring you primitive camp across the border. First, ensure all your poles are peeled and not green cut. Don't bring any animal parts, that may be considered heat scores. For example, leave all eagle or bird of prey feathers at home. Likewise don't bring any parts of bears, claws, skulls, hides etc. It's not even so much brining them into the US, sometimes it can be a bigger deal bringing them back into Canada. Other than that use good judgement and there shouldn't be any issues.
Well that depends, Here is the website with US customs that has their guidelines. Good rule of thumb, if in doubt, rule it out.
Yes bring them. Cappers & Flint Locks. There are some things you should know.
The Green Card is a sticker that goes on your gun, and a card that goes with it, that proves to Canadian customs that you owned the gun before you entered the USA. So, before you cross, go into the Canadian customs side, leave your firearms in the vehicle. Tell the folks behind the counter that you have muzzleloaders in your vehicle, and are wanting to get them green carded before you leave. They fill be you in on what to do from there. Generally they will take the serial numbers and descriptions, enter the info on the cards and give you decals to put on the firearms.
They will ask you where you are going. Tell them you are going to a black powder historical rendezvous, just outside of Winchester, Idaho. HAVE A COPY OF THE SHOOT FLYER AND INVITE HANDY, WITH YOUR PASSPORT. They will probably ask you at this point, if you have firearms with you. Tell them that you are carrying reproduction antique muzzle loaders. They may ask you to go in for inspection, they may wave you though and tell you to have a nice day. Stay cool, and everything should go easy-peasy.