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Please Explain....

Lets start at the beginning. What is a rendezvous? What is a Blackpowder event? What is historical re-enactment? Lets start with the nutshell and get into it deeper as we go.

Bare bones, it is a bunch of men, women, and children who get together for a whole lot of fun and "shining times". Some sleep in trailers, some sleep in period correct canvas tents. Some wear jeans, some look like they just stepped out of Hollywoods latest period piece. Most of us shoot some form of muzzle-loading firearm, but not all. The events we participate in are:

  • Shooting of muzzleloading firearms.
  • Throwing perfectly good knives & tomahawks at wooden blocks.
  • Archery, with period correct bows & arrows.
  • Fire lighting competitions, with just a flint & steel.


Our continent was explored and developed from the 1600's through to the mid 1800's mainly to support Europe's hunger for felted beaver top hat's. By the mid 1700's the fur trade was well and truly underway. In 1754 the French Indian war breaks out, this is generally the starting point for our re-enactment period. By 1850 when the silk top hat was invented in Japan, it rang the death blow of the fur trade, this is where our time period ends. In between, there was the American revolution, or war of independence, depending on whose side your were on. The rise and fall of the the North West Trade Company. The domination of the Hudson Bay Company. If you want to do some light reading on the subject, here is a good place to start. Over the space of those short 100 years of human history, for all the men, women & children who opened up this continent we do our best to honour them, by not forgetting their ways, their skills. In the process we have a lot of fun, build a family of choice, burn a bunch of powder, and hit a few targets.


Meet the Team

Here is your more than capable crew, who will be bringing you 2017's 10 days of fun in the hills outside Heffley Creek.


Steve Roberts


Aka "The Original"

Aka "Father Murphy"


Mark Lewis


Aka "Bush Bunny"


Jim Wright


Aka "Lord Jim"