So who are we?

Well we are BC Rendezvous. What is that exactly? Lets start with the basics. We are a diverse group of people, ages 3 to 93, that love to get together at the end of each summer and recreate, for 10 wondrous days, a taste of what it would have been like to live from the early 1770's to the 1850's in what was then,our continents, "age of the fur trade". To learn more about who we are click here.

BC Rendezvous is, as far as we can tell the largest gathering of it's kind in Canada. Having just finished our 28th year. Just up the hill from Heffley Creek, BC, we have people arriving from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Yukon. Our good friends from the south, Washington, Idaho and occasionally Montana. We've also had participants show up from as far away as Germany and Sweden.

Please, do explore our site, learn, ask questions, if you can't make the big one, find a rendezvous near you. We are all, only too happy to see a new face, answer questions, pass on skills, and yes, let you shoot our guns.

Here are a couple of quick pointers.

If you are wanting to get information on crossing the border to attend shoots, please click here, The Border Lands.

If you are wanting to find resources online, online stores, clubs, associations, click here, Links.


Greetings From The Saggy Bottom Boys
Greetings From The Saggy Bottom Boys