Camp Rules

Rules of the Camp

Rendezvous rules take effect Saturday morning and are in effect until the following Monday.

Tin Tipi

Generator use: generators are allowed to be run between the hours of 8am to 7pm. Try to be considerate of your neighbours, and only use when nessesary.

Fires: WHEN fires are allowed, fires will only be allowed on the lower bench. Propane fires will be allowed on the top bench. For lower bench fires, all primitive camp fire rules apply.

Primitive Camp

Event period correct starting daybreak Saturday. This Means EVERYONE in your camp. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Staying in primitive camp means: all clothing, lodges and accoutrements must be in the period of 1640-1840 North America. Absolutely NO modern footwear and sun glasses of any kind, unless medically required. If modern footwear is required by your doctor please cover with period correct material.

Period eyewear is strongly encouraged for those wearing glasses.

All modern items (solar panels, coolers, cans, plastic, etc) must be kept out of sight at all times. Period fabric over drinking cans and bottles is not acceptable.

Electronic gear including phones and flashlights, must not be seen or heard at any time. All photography equipment (cameras, camcorders, cell phones, etc.) must be covered when not in use.

COOKING modern cooking methods are acceptable, HOWEVER, when not in use they should be covered or kept out of sight.

DOG SOLDIERS are here to help you. If you need help look for the Dog Soldier arm bands throughout camp. They are here for emergencies and direction.

ANIMALS – Dogs, cats and other domestic animals will be allowed if on a leash or under restraint AT ALL TIMES. If an animal is not leashed, the owner will be asked to leash it. If they refuse and continue to disregard this restriction the animal will need to be removed from the site. If this becomes an issue then the animals’s owner and their camp will have to leave the site as well. You are responsible in all ways for the health, safety and conduct of your animal. If the animal roams, bites, disturbs others, or barks a lot; be prepared to pack up your camp and you and your pet will be on your way home. All animal poop must be cleaned up so carry a shovel and bury. Make sure your animals are tolerant of strange sights, loud noises and the chaos of rendezvous. If you have any doubts, DON’T bring them.

SAFETY and conduct of young people under the age of eighteen (18) is the responsibility of their parents. Direct supervision is required on the shooting, archery and hawk and knife trails. This includes the practice hawk & knife blocks and the practice shooting areas where all safety rules apply. Any decision by the shooting chief, archery chief or knife & hawk regarding any aspects of ranges including scoring, conduct and safety is final. Eye and hearing protection is encouraged, and is mandatory for juniors (those under 16) on the firing line.

OBSERVE the range rules at all times. Absolutely no loaded, primed, or capped firearms anywhere in camp except on firing line at the range during supervised hours and on designated trails. If you have a problem with your firearm on the range, contact a Range Safety Officer or go to the shooting tent for assistance. DO NOT BRING IT BACK TO CAMP LOADED. Be prepared to prove that it is empty. No firing after dark.

FIGHTING AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE of any kind will not be tolerated! Violators will be turned over to the proper authorities.

THIEVERY AND/OR VANDALISM of any kind will not be tolerated. Violators will be removed from camp and turned over to the proper authorities. Parents—Please be aware of what your children are doing and if something new shows up in their possession that seems suspicious please take appropriate action. Better you than us.

POLICING OF REFUSE, especially cigarette butts, is up to you. Butts must be field stripped and thrown away. Do not litter at anytime and please leave your area the same way or better than you found it. Outhouses are not for garbage, disposable diapers, feminine products, or trash disposal. There will be arrangements made for trash disposal and recycling periodically throughout the event. Please do not abuse this courtesy. Once the last garbage and recycling runs are made, it is up to each camp to deal with their garbage and recycling at the end of the event.

FIRES must be contained and be attended at all times. A minimum of five (5) gallons of water in an open container MUST be kept within five (5) feet of the fire control. Please properly drown all fires at the end of rendezvous. Return unused wood to the nearest station. Leave all fire pits open and marked upon departure for inspection by staff.

ACCESS to Primitive Camp by vehicles is allowed before Saturday and daybreak. The only vehicle access between Saturday at daybreak and the following Monday is for setup and tear down purposes. Bringing in supplies in between these times will be down by wheelbarrow.

WATER is available on site, if you are using plastic containers to transport and hold water please ensure that they are covered or out of site at all times.

EMERGENCY assistance is available by seeking aid of a dog soldier, medical officer, or other staff member.

All questions about these rules should be referred to the Booshway or Co-Booshways.

The Booshway has the final word.