South of the 49th

Heading South

Most things you'd bring to a Rondy here. except for some food item, but more about that later. Clothes, yes. Bare leathers, yes, even braintan. Furs, that depends. Buffalo, coyote, cow, domestic animal fur yes. Bear, wolf, cougar, other predator animals. Leave them at home. Feathers, same kind of deal, turkey, painted goose, yes. birds of prey, hell no. Camp stuff, pretty much everything is good to go. Except, wood with bark on it. Try and only bring wood (poles) that have been barked for a season. If it looks like it could have been peeled while you were down there (aka, you're importing wood), then don't take it down with you.
Bring it. Well, most of your dry goods that is. Don't bring lentils, ask Jim. Meat, unless its cooked and packaged, no. Dairy, cheaper south of the border. Fresh fruits, and Veg. No! Booze. You can bring a limited amount. Its cheaper by and large in the US.